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Butterfly Package of - 48 Painted Ladies (choose individual or mass release)

48 Painted Lady Butterflies

Package includes individual personalized release envelopes with your choice of envelope color and inscription. Or add a mass release by skipping the envelope option and adding a Decorator Box to your package for an additional cost. If you'd prefer a mass release, Decorator Boxes are perfect, and the butterflies arrive safely in the Decorator Box ready to release all at one time from one container (no transferring needed).

Ordering online is safe and easy. Simply enter the date and day of your event below then scroll down to pick your envelope color and add short inscription or choose the mass release Decorator Box with your choice of ribbon only or ribbon and flower. Your butterflies will arrive the day before your Release Date entered (except Monday or Tuesday). If you do not make a choice for envelopes or add a mass release product, your butterflies will ship one per white release envelope. Display cages are also available on our home page. Butterfly Care Instructions will be emailed with your order confirmation.

Shipping is addition to the package price. The cost is $35.00 for shipping in the state of Florida, $45.00 for states East of the Rockies and $50.00 West of the Rockies (AZ, CA, ID, MT, NV, OR, UT, WA, WY) Saturday delivery for a Sunday release is an additional $15.00 for states. Shipping cost will be added at check out. Most packages arrive before NOON the day before your Release Date. Some areas may have a later delivery time, your commitment time and tracking number will be emailed when shipped. Tuesday release days will be shipped Monday for delivery on Tuesday. Sunday deliveries for Monday releases are not available.

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Date of Event - Your butterflies will arrive the day before your event date when available.

Butterfly Release Date*

Day of Event - Tuesday events will have a Tuesday delivery.

Day of The Week*

Envelope Options for individual butterfly releases are included with the package price.

Envelope Color *

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Individual origami folded release envelopes with your color choice and inscription are included with the package price. Choose your color then add your inscription. The butterflies will ship to arrive ready to release from the individual envelopes. The butterflies are safe and in their natural roosting position in the envelopes.

Personalize your release envelopes for no extra charge. Inscription is for envelopes only

Envelope Inscription:

Personalize your envelopes at no additional cost. (Example: Bride and Groom's name and date.) 75 character limit please. *If you add a decorator box or different mass release product to your package, there is no need for an inscription.

Add a Decorator Box with your choice of flower and ribbon or ribbon only - Options below are an additional cost to the package price.

Decorator Box for mass release *

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Add a mass release Decorator Box to your package and your order will arrive with the painted lady butterflies safely in the one box ready for release (NO TRANSFERRING NEEDED). Decorator Box options are flower and ribbon choices for an additional cost of $30 or choose a ribbon only for $20. Flower and Ribbon options available below. If you add a Decorator Box all your butterflies will arrive in your box ready to release. 


Ribbon Options for your Decorator Box only (Decorator box must be added for ribbon choice to be applied)

Choose Your Color of Ribbon for Box

A Decorator Box must be added with the pull down menu for a ribbon choice.
Ribbons do not apply to envelopes.

option image

Flower Options for your Decorator Box ( Decorator box must be added for flower choice to be applied)

Flower Selection for Decorator Box only*

A Decorator Box must be added with an additional cost using the pull down menu above for the flower selection. Flower are artificial.
Flower options do not apply to individual release envelopes.

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Care Instructions


Your butterflies will ship FedEx Priority Overnight to arrive the day before to your release date. In most cities delivers arrive before NOON. Your tracking number with your commitment time will be emailed when your butterflies ship. Please be present for your delivery. When your butterflies arrive it is important to change out the ice pack. To keep your butterflies safe and dormant until your release simply remove the top Styrofoam lid and take our ice pack that may be melted out and replace it with a frozen ice pack we ask you to provide. (We send a gel pack that is about 5 x 6 x 1 inch, anything similar is fine). Continue to use the shipping box as a cooler to keep a controlled temperature. The idea is to keep the butterflies naturally dormant until it is time for them to fly! 


Store the Styrofoam insulated shipping box in a room temperature environment after replacing your ice pack. Refreeze our ice pack and change it out about every 12 hours. To Warm and Wake your butterflies the day of the release remove the product they are in from the make shift cooler, away from the ice so they have a chance to warm, wake and get ready for flight. Take them out for about a 1/2 HOUR to ONE HOUR before you plan on releasing them. For a successful release the butterflies need to be released during daylight hours and outdoors in temperatures above 65 degrees. They will not fly at night, in the rain, extreme wind or cold temperatures. 

BUTTERFLY GUARANTEE: We cannot guarantee a successful release if you release the butterflies in inclement weather, after sunset or if your release day temperature is below 65 degrees. Due to any unforeseen circumstances, should your butterflies arrive expired, please contact us within 48 hours and return them for credit. We do ship extra butterflies to compensate for any uncommon or potential casualties. It is very rare to have expired butterflies as long as you follow the simple care instructions. Please visit our website QUESTIONS page for more information or call if we can be a service to you. Thank you very much for your butterfly order, enjoy your release. 

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Reviews and Ratings


the release of the butterflies was perfect

Hi Chad! I wanted to let you know that the release of the butterflies was perfect. They all survived and everyone absolutely loved opening the envelopes to find a beautiful butterfly. It was the perfect way to say goodbye to my dad. Thank you again for everything Sherrie

Submitted by Sherrie on 04/29/2024 10:29:10 AM.


Our butterfly release was amazing

I am reaching out to compliment Chad. We had a debacle with Fed Ex and Chad came to our rescue. He was so kind and helpful and went above and beyond to make sure our butterflies arrived on time. Our butterfly release was amazing. i would recommend your company to anyone. Thank you!

Submitted by Susan on 04/19/2024 04:23:04 PM.


What a wonderful experience!!

What a wonderful experience!! I will definitely give you positive reviews with everything. Of course we have video if you would want to see it Matt

Submitted by Matt on 08/20/2023 12:51:38 PM.


What a beautiful experience

Dear Murphy and team, What a beautiful experience, I can?t thank you enough for your professionalism, personalized service and accuracy in the instructions with the butterflies. It was an emotional day but releasing the butterflies during our casual ceremony helped us have some closure after such loss. I?ll keep you in mind for future needs, I was very impressed. Sincerely, Monica

Submitted by Monica on 07/26/2023 10:55:41 AM.


the butterfly release was definitely the highlight

Hi there, I just wanted to say Thank You! This order was for my mother?s memorial service and the butterfly release was definitely the highlight. I had several people reach out and inquire about your services and I?ve shared it. Thank you again for ensuring the package arrived on time and providing clear directions. I truly appreciate everything! Regards, Shermel

Submitted by Shermel on 07/03/2023 09:43:09 AM.


Our butterfly release was wonderful!

I Just wanted to let you know that our butterfly release at my Mom's remembrance service this past Saturday was wonderful! We stood around a courtyard outside the church and everyone unfolded their envelopes together. Some butterflies took flight as soon as they were opened, others visited awhile before flying. Since my mom enjoyed butterflies, it was the perfect end of the service. The ordering, delivery, directions and release were easy, clear and made our service special. Thank you, Sincerely Suzan

Submitted by Suzan on 07/02/2023 01:37:46 PM.


Thank you for providing such a great service

Just wanted to let you know the Butterfly Release, for my son's 1-year Memorial celebration at the cemetery went beautifully. The release box arrived exactly on time. We followed your instructions and all butterflies survived. It was just beautiful watching all of them fly out of the box. Our 9-year-old Granddaughter, who loves Butterflies, did the release. It was a very fitting memorial for our son. Thank you for providing such a great service, it truly was impressive to all those in attendance. We termed the release as " Butterfly Kisses to Heaven" our Granddaughter wore a shirt with that saying on it. Thank you again.

Submitted by John on 07/02/2023 01:35:46 PM.


All the butterflies were BEAUTIFUL

Hello! I just wanted to let you know that our butterfly release in memory of our mother was fantastic. Your instructions were clear and easy to follow. We could hear the movement in the little envelopes just before our release. All the butterflies were BEAUTIFUL and all of them flew out without any problem. Thank you so much! I can send photos or video if you like. Deb

Submitted by Deb on 07/02/2023 01:33:21 PM.

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