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12 Painted Lady with Burlap Flower and Ribbon

12 Painted Lady Butterflies with Burlap Decorator Box 

This Special Feature Package includes One Dozen Painted Lady Butterflies with mass release Decorator Box included with package price. 12 painted lady butterflies will ship in the decorator box for mass release product ready to release.  No transferring is needed. Ordering online is safe and easy. Just enter the date and day of your event below then scroll down to check out.  Your butterflies will arrive the day before your Release Date entered (except Monday or Tuesday)  

Shipping is in addition to the package price. The cost is 35.00 for shipping in the state of Florida and 45.00 for all others. An additional 15.00 for Saturday deliveries for Sunday's events. Most packages arrive before 10:30 AM the day before your Release Date. Some areas may have a later delivery time, your commitment time and tracking number will be emailed when shipped. Tuesday release days will be shipped Monday for delivery on Tuesday. Sunday delivery for Monday releases are not available.

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Date of Event - Your butterflies will arrive the day before your event date when available.

Butterfly Release Date*

Day of Event - Tuesday events will have a Tuesday delivery.

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BUTTERFLY CARE INSTRUCTIONS Your butterflies will ship FedEx Priority Overnight to arrive the day before to your release date. In most cities delivers arrive before 10:30 AM Tuesday - Friday or NOON for Saturday deliveries. Your tracking number with your commitment time will be emailed when your butterflies ship. Please be present for your delivery. When your butterflies arrive it is important to change out the ice pack. To keep your butterflies safe and dormant until your release simply remove the top Styrofoam lid and take our ice pack that may be melted out and replace it with a frozen ice pack we ask you to provide. (We send a gel pack that is about 5 x 6 x 1 inch, anything similar is fine). Continue to use the shipping box as a cooler to keep a controlled temperature. The idea is to keep the butterflies naturally dormant until it is time for them to fly! DO NOT STORE YOUR BUTTERFLIES IN A REFRIGERATOR OR FREEZER Store the Styrofoam insulated shipping box in a room temperature environment after replacing your ice pack. Refreeze our ice pack and change it out about every 12 hours. To Warm and Wake your butterflies the day of the release remove the product they are in from the make shift cooler, away from the ice so they have a chance to warm, wake and get ready for flight. Take them out for about a 1/2 HOUR to AN HOUR before you plan on releasing them. For a successful release the butterflies need to be released during daylight hours and outdoors in temperatures above 65 degrees. They will not fly at night, in the rain, extreme wind or cold temperatures. You can find more detailed instruction on our website and they will also arrive with your order. BUTTERFLY GUARANTEE: We cannot guarantee a successful release if you release the butterflies in inclement weather, after sunset or if your release day temperature is below 65 degrees. Due to any unforeseen circumstances, should your butterflies arrive expired, please contact us within 48 hours and return them for credit. We do ship extra butterflies to compensate for any uncommon or potential casualties. It is very rare to have expired butterflies as long as you follow the simple care instructions. Please visit our website QUESTIONS page for more information or call if we can be a service to you. Thank you very much for your butterfly order, enjoy your release. A Butterfly Release Company 407.754.2353

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I?m sending your company a THUMBS UP!

Hello Chad, I don?t know how much ?follow up? input you receive, but as a former business owner I must say it was always great to get a thumbs up for my service. And so in saying that, I?m sending your company a THUMBS UP! ? Although I had to delay my butterfly order for an entire month due to inclement weather, you and your team supported my requests and delivered upon request?even during your busy time of year. The live butterflies arrived exactly on the date and time promised, via FedEx. Thank you for a successful release today with my adult daughter of 39, her grand parents, and myself, Your painted ladies arrived alive and well and took flight the moment we opened their temporary living quarters, and landed on several close flowering plants near us! I will be pleased to refer others to your business if the opportunity arises. Sincerely, Diane

Submitted by Diane on 05/22/2021 04:18:15 PM.

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