Below are testimonials we have received from satisfied customers about their wedding butterflies and butterfly releases.

The butterfly release at my wedding was incredible! At the end of our ceremony, the poem was read and we released a dozen Monarchs from a box. As this was happening, 75 Painted Ladies were passed to the guests in envelopes to release as we walked down the aisle instead of throwing rice. I imagined the butterflies flying quickly away when we opened the box, but instead the monarchs flew into our hands almost as if they were trained to!

Before the ceremony, we videotaped the Monarch transfer to the box. I had let the Monarchs wake up too much and one flew out. Instead of heading out the door, he came back to us and let us scoop him up. It was amazing for our wedding video! Then I may have kept the Painted Ladies a little too chilly because when we were walking down the aisle, they sat on the envelopes. It made for such amazing pictures because we took our time walking down the aisle whispering wishes to our guests butterflies. I loved the surprise of each guest when they opened their envelope to find a Painted Lady, but the Monarchs stole the show because they were so vibrant and huge.

The butterflies looked so healthy and happy, it seems like they enjoyed it as much as we did! I'm so happy, you are welcome to post our wedding video with the release.

Click Here to Watch a Butterfly Release!

Hamlet and Vicky, Miami, FL

Thank you so much for your services! The butterfly release was a big hit at the ceremony and it was the perfect touch for our outdoor wedding. Every butterfly was alive, healthy and took flight with no problem at all. I can't thank you enough for providing this wonderful service and for helping make our day even more memorable! Thanks again,

Nathan and Angela, Columbus, Indiana

I just wanted to let you know that for the second year all butterflies that were shipped to me for our kidney walk butterfly memorial release were all alive and all took off as expected. We are very happy with your butterflies and everyone participating in this event thinks it is wonderful. Keep up the good work! We will definitely continue ordering our butterflies from you!


Dear Mr. and Mrs. Limes: Thank you so much for your prompt and personalized service!!! My butterflies were all alive and well and they were a huge success at both my wedding and my reception. I am so pleased with your service I will rave about you at the I will also be sending you pictures as well for you to display as part of your advertising.

Menayra, Lakeland, FL

Chad, Debra and I just wanted you to know that we received the butterflies we ordered from you right on time and in great condition. I am not aware of any or our guests having a butterfly that didn't fly away in great shape when they opened their envelope. Everyone loved the release. We received more comments and compliments on that part of our wedding than on the total of everything else. We unequivocally recommend you and your company. Thank you for making our wedding so special.

Jack and Debra, Las Vegas, NV

Thank you so much, you made our 2 year old's birthday extravagant, your effort in making sure we received our butterflies on time showed how caring and professional your company is, you are truly amazing. everyone love the butterflies it was a one in a lifetime experience and were thankful that you guys were part of it, again thank you we hope to do business with you guys in the future.

The Paz Family, New York

I just wanted to take a moment to thank you for all of your help in ensuring that the butterflies arrived promptly for my Dad's funeral. Shortly after the Navy presented me with the flag in honor of my father, we went outside and all the guest were given their butterfly packets. So many family and friends were in awe of the beauty and symbolism of the moment. I could not think of a a more fitting and beautiful tribute to my father and his final farewell.

The butterflies took flight and it was a beautiful sight for all to enjoy!

I received so many compliments on the ceremony, and the funeral director said that this was the first time they had such an event. I let him know about your company and he said he would keep the information for anyone wishing to use your service. I look forward to using your service again, and I will definitely recommend you to anyone who asks! Thanks, so much. What a wonderful business you have.

Susan, New Jersey

Recently I purchased 60 butterflies to release at a party to celebrate the life of my mother, who had passed away at age 97. Before she passed, she told me she'd return as a butterfly, so butterflies have extreme meaning for me. We had about 80 people circling our swimming pool, when we released the butterflies. It was a spectacular and meaningful way to pay tribute to my mother. It was truly the highlight of the celebration and deeply emotional. All of the butterflies survived their FedX journey and their frozen box. One landed in the pool but we rescued it with a stick! Everything went off as planned. I highly recommend A Butterfly Release Company to you and I can guarantee the butterflies will make a huge impact on your event. Most of our friends had never taken part in a butterfly release, so it was memorable and meaningful for everyone.

Deni, Weston, FL

We had our moving up ceremony for Girl Scouts last night. The Ceremony was beautiful. But seeing the girls faced when they were handed the butterfly to release was awesome. The butterflies all survived the journey from Florida to New York. It was truly a memorable day.

Melissa, Troop 1277

I just wanted to thank you so much for the amazing customer service! We got married on July 2nd and ordered butterflies for our ceremony. It was AMAZING! They definitely made the ceremony, which was Native American based-even more special. Its been 3 days since our wedding and they are still flying around our yard!

Don and Melissa, Massachusetts

Just want to let you know that our butterfly release memorial for our daughter Amanda was beautiful. Everyone in attendance were in awe of their beauty. It gave us such pleasure to honor Amanda in this way as she had such a passion for butterflies. So many of them lit on top of her grave and stayed for a few seconds before taking flight. It was so special and I thank you for what you do. It is a beautiful thing.

Sherry May, Sulphur Springs, Texas

We had a wonderful Butterflies and Fairies birthday party for Hope and it was all because of the amazing butterflies we received from your company. Every butterfly was alive and they stayed around the children for a good 30 minutes. We still get e-mails and calls about how wonderful a party it was and how beautiful the butterflies were that day! I have some pics if you would like me to send you a few. What a wonderful day!!!! Thanks so much!

Head Butterfly Fairy, Amy

Thank you for doing a fantastic job in sending the butterfly's. The event was a HUGE success and the butterfly's were so beautiful including the envelopes.

ML, Convington, Louisiana

Just wanted to thank you for the butterflies you sent. The release went amazing and was the talk of our wedding!

Brandy, Tallahassee, FL

I just wanted to drop you a note and let you know we LOVED the butterflies you provided for our wedding on June 21, 2008. I want to thank you so much for the great service we received. You answered all my questions when I called to order (and I asked a lot of them) in a very professional and friendly matter. Upon receipt of the butterflies I called for further care instructions and you were so helpful, I really appreciated it. I was concerned with some of the butterflies not surviving the long trip and temperature shock but they all did! My husband was not impressed with my wishes to have the butterflies at our service but after the service his opinion had changed. Also, I believe it helped change his mind that his friends thought it was a "cool idea" and not too "girlie". I also wanted to thank you for the copy of the Indian Poem you enclosed with the butterflies, that is really going the extra mile and a small jesture that lets your customers know you care. We were so pleased we framed the poem with picturest of the butterflies at the service. I could not have been happier with the product or the services I received from your company. Thank you for making our special day even better!

Zeb and Tavia,Los Angeles

Dear Chad and Company, As the mother of the bride, I suggested a butterfly release in memory of family members that have passed on. Since I lit our family candle in preparation for the unity candle and was asked to do a reading, I wrote about the butterfly as a symbol of change and tied in the Native American Legend. The release of your Monarch butterflies was nothing short of spectacular! We followed your instructions to the letter. We used (what else) clear hair 'butterfly' clips to hold the top or the netting closed and was easy to undo! We released in a basket held high upwind (of a breeze) of the bridal party, the butterflies landed on the bridal party bouquets and on the bride's dress! It was beautiful and cameras recorded the event. I am very pleased with the results, the release will long be remembered as one of the highlights of the wedding day. Thank you for making it special.

Cheryl, Baltimore, MD

Just wanted to send you a quick note about the butterflies we ordered from you. They were all lovely and the release box was beautiful. It made our daughters wedding extra special. Thank you very much

Sheila, West Virginia

I just wanted to let you know that the butterflies for our wedding were absolutely beautiful. Everyone enjoyed them at the wedding. We got some beautiful pictures of them. They are a fantastic memory that we will cherish always. Thank you so much.

Judy and Bill

Thank you for your prompt delivery of our order. The butterflies were a huge success at our Memorial Service for Comfort Care Hospice. We hope to do this again next year!!

Bro Rock 8/20/12.

I ordered my butterflies from your company and I must say how pleased I am. I am following this little note with an official 'testimonial' that you can use on your site. I would also like to forward you 2 pictures that you can use as well. I CANNOT THANK YOU ENOUGH for supplying a great "product" for my special day. Thank you so much!!!! Everyone loved it; especially me and my new husband.

Kim, Indiana

Just wanted to let you know the Butterflies were Spectacular! Everything went accordingly per your instructions. It was fun to watch them awake and drink from the sweetened water, then to actually be ready to fly out of the beautiful release cage. Thank you for making this day so special for our son and his new bride.

Terry Ann, Texas

Thank you for the fabulous experience! Our kindergarteners here at church did a butterfly release this morning and it was a huge success. They butterflies all arrived and survived. The giggles and squeals were precious as they opened their envelopes and let them fly. The fun part was that many would fly onto their heads or hands and just sit for a bit. The children love it as did the adults!

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! You helped us have a fun extra special Sunday morning! I have your number and web site and will recommend you to others. Blessings to you in your unique business! Thanks for blessing the lives of so many kindergarteners today!

Libby, Minister of Preschool Education, First Baptist Church

The butterfly release was quite a hit at our wedding! It turned out beautiful! Thank you so much!

Jessica, Pennsylvania

Butterfly Release Company: On behalf of my family, I wanted to thank you for helping to add a ray of sunshine to my grandmother's graveside services. The idea for a butterfly release came out of her love of nature - flowers, birds and butterflies, but your company helped to make this idea into a beautiful reality. We appreciated your accessibility, availability, attention to detail, and for going the extra mile in every way. Our order was filled and shipped in less than 24 hours, arrived on time, and included the extra thoughtfulness of a sympathy card. We were so pleased to see the special personalization on both the interior and exterior of the release envelopes. The poem was read, the envelopes opened, and we watched in wonder and peace as each and every one took flight! Many butterflies paused around surrounding graves and flowers while others fluttered in the sunshine and breeze. It was a beautiful closure to a beautiful life, and my grandmother would have loved it. Thanks again for helping us celebrate a life well-lived.

Shannon, Tim and Family, Indiana

I just wanted let you know that the butterfly release went very well, all the butterflies took flight with out any problems.( no casualties) It really added a special and meaningful touch to our loved ones memorial service last Thursday. Thank you so much for making it possible on such short notice. The decorator presentation box was beautiful and made it very easy to release the butterflies.

Maria, California

The butterflies release at my daughters wedding was beautiful. we followed the exact directions you sent and when we opened the butterflies and put them in a cage they were all alive. Not one single dead one. We did not feed them and shook the cage a little before we opened it, they all flew out and landed on the flowers the photographers were so pleased. Thank you. The story behind the butterflies gave a special theme to the Indian wedding and made it very special.

Brenda, Oklahoma

Just wanted to let you know the butterfly release at my daughters wedding was absolutely a success!! One of the butterflies landed on her flowers and another was on her finger tip. More than we could have dreamed for. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for making her day so special.

Robin, Michigan

Good morning! Just want to tell you that everything worked out well for yesterday's butterfly release. The firemen thought it was such a cool idea! After lunch we came back to the wreath and there was this one lone butterfly lingering. That would have been so like my son! 'What do you mean the party's over?!'

Thank you for all your help in facilitating shipment to the fire station in Plano. This will be an annual event so keep my information!

Joy, Plano, TX

We bought butterflies from you last year for our event, and everyone loved it! We are doubling our order this year!!! The butterflies arrived just as promised, and our release was awesome!

Paula, Riverside California

Thank you so much for the lovely butterflies! That was one of the most enjoyable and interesting experiences I've ever had! The weather also cooperated and it was a thrill to watch them all take flight! We have had great comments all around!

Sue, Jackson, MO

Dear Butterfly Release Company, I am the Event Chair for the 2006 American Cancer Society's Relay for Life of Greater Auglaize County in Ohio. I want to thank you for your wonderful, beautiful, healthy butterflies. We purchased 1100 butterflies from you in individual envelopes and less than 5 didn't survive. I think that is phenomenal! You were a pleasure to work with during the months leading up to our event. Starting with the design on the envelope to the delivery to the local UPS hub, you couldn't have been nicer or more helpful! Especially when I was very stressed and worried about the details of the release on such a large scale. I will recommend you to everyone who wishes to do a release. In fact, I have been contacted by 3 Relay For Life Events who want to do a butterfly release next year. Thank you so much for your help in making our event a big success!!

Kerri, Relay for Life, Ohio

Chad, We had a great release. They got a little frisky prior, but that was ok. The day was perfect, 65, but sunny. Everyone just loved them. Thanks again for your suggestion and help.

Mikael, Rochester, MN

Thank you so much for making sure that the butterflies made it to our Santa's Workshop Weekend a camp for children with cancer and blood disorders. We released the butterflies at closing ceremonies in the camps butterfly garden. It was beautiful and moving and even some of the parents cried. We read the paper that you included in the package and handed out flyers with a page full pictures of butterflies with the words ~ What the caterpillar calls the end, the rest of the world calls a butterfly. This was the perfect way for us to remember the children who are not at camp this year'but also kept it from being too sad. Thanks a million.

Peggie, Faces of Courage Foundation, Inc., Tampa, FL

I wanted to be sure to tell you how lovely our butterfly release went. Every butterfly was alive and raring to go. They flew out landed on some people but for the most part, after a short flight they went to the flowers in the garden. We stood in the middle of a circular garden filled with daisies and lilies and many other flowers and the butterflies were exactly what I wanted to end our memorial service for my son. It was uplifting and quite spiritual. The pastor found just the right passage to quote before the release. The painted ladies arrived the day before in great shape. It was simple to change the ice pack and keep watch over them to be sure they weren't too warm nor too cold. Everything went as you said it should. The day of the release was a beautiful sunshiny day in the upper 70s, a little breezy but very comfortable. Both adults and children were in awe of the beauty and simplicity of this symbolic release of the soul. Thank you again for helping to make the finishing touch so beautiful.

Barbara , Rochester, NH

I wanted to take a moment to personally thank Butterfly Release Company for these wonderful Monarch Butterflies. They truly made our special day a spectacular one as well. We were so pleased as were our guests. The little children had the most fun, as the butterflies were released, the little ones jumped up and down and tried to catch them as we all did when we were young.

Brian and Lauren, New Jersey

We had 3 dozen Painted Lady butterflies for my daughter's wedding. We kept them in a cage by the guest book. They were a huge hit. They were part of the decorations before the wedding. People were surprised and watching them everyone smiled more. People were amazed. The release was lovely and worth each penny.

Joan, Iowa

I just couldn't believe it. I had never seen butterflies released before and didn't know it was possible. Honestly, when the mother of the bride told me what they were going to do, I fully expected the butterflies to drop over dead when the envelopes were opened. But they didn't. Everyone of them flew up and around - it was beautiful. The whole crowd just let out a collective Ooh. It was amazing! Great Job!

Margaret, Illinois

You ROCK!! I will refer people to your butterflies and your travel website. You and your wife have both been very sweet and I appreciate it!!

Sheila Koch, Orlando

The butterfly release was awesome!!! Thanks so much! I think a mass release is the way to go. Hope you had a Happy Easter!

Cari, Apopka Florida

The butterflies were quite a hit at the wedding. The photographer had a great time taking pictures of the butterflies on the bride and groom before they flew away. Thanks for sending extras for photos. The butterfly release was such a beautiful finishing touch to the wedding. Every butterfly flew after just a few seconds, and all the guests commented on how wonderful it was. Most people attending had never seen a butterfly release before, and were so surprised by it. You could just hear the oohs and ahhs as the butterflies began to fly around! Thank you Butterfly Release Company so much for helping to make this day so special for us!

Kathy, Illinois

Thank you so much for your kindness and professionalism. Losing my Grandmother was difficult. I contacted you at a very busy time of year,(Easter) and you were kind enough to accommodate us at the 'last minute' due to the changing, unpredictable weather. It was pouring and 50 degrees on Thursday, 58 and gray with some drizzle on Friday but supposed to be'nice' on Saturday,(the day of the memorial service). Your Painted Ladies flew beautifully on Saturday as it was 75 and gorgeous! Everyone commented on the 'nice touch'the butterflies were. Thanks again for helping us at a difficult time.

Barbara, California

Our Remembrance Day on Saturday went beautifully. The butterflies all lived and flew away beautifully. You were right, some did get acclimated to the cage, but it turned out to be rather meaningful as some of the siblings (small children) were able to come and allow the butterflies to light on their hand before flying away. Also, some of the parents came and took out a butterfly and released it in the name of their child. It was beautiful and helped us end this sad time on a hopeful note. Thank you for your help. We will be in touch as we prepare for next year's event.

Brandy, Texas Children Hospital

Thank you for making our memorial butterly release a reality! It was a difficult time for our family and the butterfly release took our emotions to a happier place for once during that day. It also helped us involve the children in celebrating their grandmother's life. Several attendees commented on how beautiful the release was. We are forwarding your cite to the funeral home at their request as well. Your staff went above and beyond to ensure that our delivery made it on time for the ceremony. The release box was perfect and every butterfly made it! We will always use your company for our future releases and share your website with all our friends. Thanks again.

Liz and family

Just wanted to say thank you so much! All our butterflies were alive and well and a HUGE hit for our baby girl's 1st birthday garden party!! It was truly special!


Chad, I just wanted to thank you and your wife for all your help with our butterfly release. The butterflies were a success and the ladies enjoyed the moment. The butterflies landed on their shoulders and fingers and stayed around for a lot of photo opportunities. Thanks for all your help in creating a memorable moment for our group.

Kellie, Utah

I just wanted to let you know how special the butterflies were at my friend Jan's Memorial. Everyone was taken with them. They all flew off into the pine trees around her home. Most people had never heard of a butterfly release. I live in a very small town in North Eastern Oregon, pop maybe 2,000 on a good day, depending who was born and who died. So was amazing they came from Florida , all alive and well.

It made a very sad day so much easier.

Linda Holliday, Oregon

Thank you so much for doing business with me. The butterfly release ceremony at Katie and Justin's wedding was beautiful. It was a big hit for all guest. Everyone was amazed with the wonderful colors and it was something very different. Again, thanks so much and God Bless!

Fran, Zebulon, GA

Thank You, everything turned out beautiful! We loved the release in honor of our daughter. Thank You so much!

Mona and Tim, California

Hello, We purchased painted lady butterflies for a memorial service for my father. They were so beautiful. When my family and I opened our individual envelopes to release the butterflies, some flew away while others stayed around us landing on our clothes and the flowers we had brought. It was truly a beautiful scene. Watching them fly away was such a calming experience for us. Thank you so much for sending such beautiful butterflies that really made our ceremony special. Thank You,

Carol, San Dimas, California

Chad, thanks soooooo much, the butterflies were a great success,,,,,all were alive and the instructions were SOOOO HELPFUL. Thanks, my mother on her 70th birthday was speechless and that is an accomplishment no one has ever achieved (ha ha ha)

Aimee, Florida

Chad, Although I was worried that the butterflies would not thaw and take off when released at our Relay, they surprised me!! Everyone loved it, and it was a memorable event for the survivors! Thank you for helping us make this happen!

Paula (Relay for Life), Bartow, FL

Chad, I'm sorry I didn't get a chance to tell you this sooner.... but IT WAS AWESOME!!!! All my friends kept commenting on it. They LOVED it!!! Thank you again!!! I'll be sure to send you some pictures when I get them!!!

Sarah, Cape Coral, Florida

I elected to order your butterflies against the suggestions and opinions of my family. They initially though it was not worth the effort, or money. I felt strongly about the idea and went against everyone's will and to their surprise we now are planning for the butterfly release to be a yearly tradition in our beautiful daughter's memory. You blessed our family and friends more than you will ever know with the services you offer. Thank you from the bottom of my heart you made a terribly difficult day an enjoyable life touching experience. If I can ever recommend anyone to your services I assure you I will to the best of my ability. God Bless you both and your business.

The Wiles Family, West Virginia

I just wanted to take a minute and thank you for your prompt service on our recent order of butterflies. We had an outdoor wedding at a local state park. The addition of the butterfly release was a wonderful experience for my husband and myself as well as the immediate family. By releasing them at the state park we also we able to add to nature not take away from it. I will definitely recommend your company in the future. My mother in law has already requested a butterfly release be done at her memorial service when that time comes. Once again thank you for helping our day be a beautiful and memorable one.

Kristina, Jackson,OH

Chad and Jill, I ordered a doz of the Monarchs for my granddaughter's 9th b-day party.I was a little nervous about what to do when the package arrived but Jill put me at ease and I just replaced the ice pack that was in the box and I was good to go. Very easy. The next day at the party I gave one to my granddaughter and told her to be very easy and open the package very gently...then the antenna came out. The look on her face was unreal! Then she opened the package and the Monarch, just as beautiful and colorful and graceful,as could be, flew out. I will order again no questions about that!! In closing, the price per dozen, under a hundred. The shipping, outrageous. The look on my granddaughter's face, Priceless. Thank You both so much. Also, if someone wants to ask me questions or if they is someway I can help you with sales, PLEASE use my name and number. Word of mouth IS the best advertisement.

Mary, Connecticut

The butterfly release was fa-nominal! The people at my wedding was in awe, as was I. I never experienced such beauty! Yes, they flew all over my bouquet and it was breath taking. The envelopes were to perfection as well. I will always consider you first anytime a family member, friend, or myself wants a butterfly release....THANKS AGAIN

Shakera, Elizabeth, New Jersey

Thank you for your patience and guidance when ordering the butterflies for my mother's memorial. Your instructions regarding their care- prior to release were clear and effective. Everyone enjoyed participating in their release!

Christine, Louisiana

Hello Chad, The butterflies arrived on Friday, and we had perfect weather and plenty of garden flowers for the release after my daughter's wedding on 31 May. All of the butterflies left the beautifully decorated box and provided magical moments and wonderful photographs. None of our guests had previously seen a release so our event will be particularly memorable. Several guests asked for information which I was pleased to provide'perhaps you should send more than two business cards with shipments. Thank you for all that you did in raising the butterflies and ensuring they were safely and promptly shipped.

Jacqueline, Brownsville, Pennsylvania

Chad, Thank you so much for everything. I am so glad I chose your company for my event. Everything went perfectly and the butterflies stole the show. Couldn't have asked for anything better!!!


Hi Chad, My butterflies arrived on time and in perfect condition. I changed the ice packs as directed and we released them Saturday afternoon, it was amazing. Thank you so much for helping me celebrate my daughters life so memorable! Looking forward to doing it again next year!

Michelle, New Jersey

Your butteries were the most touching part of the funeral service today--they brought some healing to breaking hearts. Thank you and went just as the instructions said.

Christine, Florida

I want to give my thanks and tell you how beautiful and how wonderful everything turned out. They made it here to Oregon thank you so much again for all your hard work. I hope your business flourishes. We will be calling you again. with love and blessings

Richard and Dena, Harris Amity, Or.

Thank you ever so. I just wanted to thank you, Chad. The butterflies were beautiful, and a perfect way to celebrate my mom's life. The shipping, packaging, and directions were flawless.

Andrea, Canandaigua, NY

I just wanted to let you know what an incredible addition the butterfly release was to the memorial event we had in memory of my son, Joshua Rizzo on September 29th...A Celebration of his LIFE! Your package arrived in excellent condition with very clear care instructions as well as any material needed in keeping the butterflies preserved until release time. Our event was scheduled for 9:30 pm and we understood that it was best to release them no later than sunset as they typically fly towards the sun. We weren't really looking for that "mass group flight effect", so we decided to let half go at sunset and the rest at our scheduled time. Both times were simply amazing. With the sun shining they appeared to be a little more active and during the later release, how wonderfully social they were. We were able to pass them around, found them sitting on our shoulders, very sweet...and when the time was right, they flew away. We all found that as a wonderful reflection of our event, as when someone's spirit it ready to fly, it does just that. Love them while you have them but when it's time for them to fly, you let them go. Thank you for providing such a beautiful service, we will definitely do it again!

Tina, South Carolina

Hi, I just wanted to let you know the butterfly release was amazing. The butterflies were perfect for the wedding. So many have commented they have never seen that done and how beautiful it was. Thank you for help make my daughters wedding a hugh success. You can see the wedding on Youtube Marlana+Stephen | Brentwood TN You are welcome to use the video on your website to show others how truely amazing this can make a Wedding.

Thank you so much for sending us beautiful butterflies

Nancy Wright

Thank you so much for helping to make the one year anniversary memorial tribute to my Mom such a success. The butterflies were perfect!! The painted ladies hung around and landed on guests and flowers we had at the gravesite. It was just perfect and people are still talking about it! Thanks again,

Arlene, Ida Grove, Iowa

Hello Chad. Our Hospice House 5k Fun Walk/Run was fantastic. The day was beautiful, sunny and 70 degrees in Buffalo, MN. We had over 100 participants and volunteers for the afternoon. The release was very special to many who were honoring or remembering some one special in their lives. We raised over Ten Thousand dollars yesterday towards our million dollar project to build the first hospice house in Wright County.

Laura, Executive Director, Community Health Foundation of Wright County

Thank you for frantically fulfilling my last minute butterfly order last Thursday afternoon, for a Saturday memorial service. I really appreciate your walking me through the ordering process, and meeting all of my needs. It turned out to be a little chilly for the butterflies, but that was OK because we got to appreciate them close up before they flew off. It was a really nice experience for everyone. Also, thank you for putting the butterflies directly in the box so that we wouldn't have to transfer them. That would have been emotionally difficult, given what the butterflies were symbolizing for us, and an added task that we were glad not to have to do leading up to the memorial service. Again, thank you, and I will recommend you to others.

Los Angeles, California

I wanted to tell you I was so happy with the Butterfly experience with your company. The Painted Lady Butterflies and the mass release decorated box were beautiful.

I released them on Ft Lauderdale beach in memory of the 1st anniversary of my husbands passing. I took them out to "warm" one hour before release and they possibly needed a little more time, it was warm, but windy on the beach. But they slowly emerged from the box and flew away. I had bought a bouquet of colorful flowers hoping they would stick around and they did. I was afraid they would all fly out at once and maybe that is how they are suppose to, but they took their time and it was a beautiful experience. I was worried I would not get enough photo's and we got 101, my friend was snapping photo's with 2 camera's!

I am enclosing a few photo's. I will use your company again, this was not the last butterfly release for my husband! You were a pleasure to work with and thank you for all your help.


The butterflies were wonderful!! It all worked out great.....Not one casualty! Everyone was amazed. The butterflies are still hanging around. I have seen several today. I am sending you some photos and something I wrote that we used. Thanks for all your help and the last minute order!!

Mary, Texas

I just wanted to Thank You for your help in ordering the butterflies. I was very worried that they wouldn't make it from Florida to Kansas alive. But there was nothing to fear. They were just fine. I followed the directions and they flew like they were suppose to. the butterflies were an extra special touch to my grandmothers funeral. Everyone thought it was beautiful and something different. Many people at the funeral wanted the info.

Tammy, Kansas

hi chad: just want to thank you for everything! the lovely poem i found in the "stories" section titled "to those i love and those who love me", i read at the memorial service. the delivery on saturday of the butterlies was perfect and the directions were easy to follow. yesterday, after the indoor memorial service for my husband, all 40 of us went out to the lawn. my 11 year old grandson read aloud the beautiful poem "a butterfly lights" as my brother distributed the inscribed envelopes. with great care, all of my grandchildren, children and close friends gently opened their envelope and out came the beautiful monarchs and the delicate painted ladies! some flew right up in the air, some went on the lawn to eat , a few landed on the nearby tree and a some flew onto the people. i knew it would be special but it was even more awesome while it was actually happening. it was a beautiful way to memorialize my husband and to celebrate his love of life! thank you for all your patience with my calls beforehand and for growing these magnificent butterflies for us to enjoy. i am so happy i found you!


Hello -- just wanted to let you know how special the butterfly release was on Thursday at my husband's burial at the cemetery. Everyone commented on how special the meaning of the butterfly was and we all felt it added a special remembrance of him. Thanks again for this wonderful service that you provide. The children especially were thrilled to be able to do something special to remember their grandfather.

RuthAnn, Pennsylvania

i have purchased butterflies from you for my mother's funeral, for a release at a nursing home for mother's day, for my son's recent wedding a couple of weeks ago and then i referred a friend to your company today, so i would like you to know how wonderful and awesome that the butterflies have been so heartfelt and touching. i tell everyone about your company. how you help us to keep so many legacy's alive.

so thank you so much from the bottom of my heart to have such a great gift to share.

tonya, Urbana, Ohio

Thank you for an affordable and beautiful way to honor my baby girl the last three years.

Cynthia, Alabama

Recently I purchased 60 butterflies to release at a party to celebrate the life of my mother, who had passed away at age 97. Before she passed, she told me she'd return as a butterfly, so butterflies have extreme meaning for me. We had about 80 people circling our swimming pool, when we released the butterflies. It was a spectacular and meaningful way to pay tribute to my mother. It was truly the highlight of the celebration and deeply emotional. All of the butterflies survived their FedX journey and their frozen box. One landed in the pool but we rescued it with a stick! Everything went off as planned. I highly recommend A Butterfly Release Company to you and I can guarantee the butterflies will make a huge impact on your event. Most of our friends had never taken part in a butterfly release, so it was memorable and meaningful for everyone.

Deni, Weston, FL

Just wanted to let you know that we had a wonderful butterfly release yesterday. The butterflies were beautiful and soooo friendly. It was such a touching ceremony! Thanks for shipping such a quality product complete with instructions and telephone support :-)!

Mitzi, Comfort Care Hospice, Alabama

The memorial service for little Evie yesterday was perfect. Thanks again for all your efforts.

Keith, Alabama

thank you for adding a special touch for my sister's unexpected funeral at 49 yrs old.The hundred butterflys were wonderfully appreciated,since we couldn't get the larger cage. She had 4 grandchildren,ages 6 thru 2, it made our day a little bit easier to watch THEIR reactions and to know SHE really was released and set free!!!!!!I will definitely recommend your company!!

kathie, Ohio

I just wanted to say thank you! We ordered the butterflies for my daughter's 1st birthday. They arrived the day before the party, so we were a little nervous they wouldn't be alive for the release. However, we followed the directions on the care and the relase was successful. All the butterflies were alive and it made for great pictures!

Janice, Sheffield Lake, Ohio

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for the safe and beautiful shipment of butterflies for release at Kristin's memorial. It was one year to the day that Kristin passed away and the warm feeling we all received in freeing the attractive butterflies will help us and give us comfort knowing that she is now free in nature, just like her butterflies.

Linda and Ken, Sarasota, Florida

Thanks for your prompt attention and great customer service! I will definitely be a repeat customer! :-)


Hi Chad, Thanks for the butterflies. We released them last Saturday at sunset. The kids really enjoyed it. So did the adults. I appreciate all of your help over the phone. The tips came in handy.


I just wanted to thank you. The painted ladies needed a little coaxing to come out but then they started coming out landing all over the bride and groom and wedding party. As they walked back up the aisle they still had a few butterflies clinging to them. It was wonderful.

Bruce, Godfrey, Illinois

Chad was very helpful in making me feel comfortable prior to picking up my butterflies which saved me money for shipping. The butterflies were such a hit and he was having a sale at the time which allowed me to fit at least 1 dozen into my budget for a smaller release at the end. I went for the painted ladies as they seem to stay around longer and actually landed on some of our wedding pary and guests' hands. They were a huge hit and such a small price to pay to make a great event even Greater! Good luck to all you brides and the keepsake boxes and storage prior felt safe and not a single one of them died prior! They were perfect!

Orlando, Florida

I thought I would send a few pics from our daughter's memorial service. I noticed you have a gallery up. It was amazing. The butterflies worked out so well. The temp was up and down and it was windy but I moved the guests to the sun and the release was successful. They stayed with the guests for a few moments while they warmed and it was perfect for photo ops and then they flew off. Thank you for your service and for making the service even more special.

Malory and Jonathan Jimenez, Southridge, Massachusetts

Chad, Thank you very very much for being so accommodating. Thursday's Memorial was great. The butterflies were definitely the High Point. I made copies of your card to give to people who were interested.

I'm so glad I found your website. Dealing with a small family business beats dealing with a bigger company every day. Thanks again.

Pam, Fort Pierce, Florida

Everything went wonderful. The butterflies were so beautiful when they were set free.

Virginia, Oakland, CA

Thank you Chad. I trust you are having a great day. Thank you for the courtesy email. We did have a wonderful experience last year with the butterfly release. You guys did an excellent job!

Maurisha, Louisiana

Thank you so much for your help with the tracking number--and for providing such a beautiful product and service! The group we did the release with enjoyed it so much! They were so excited to be so close to something so precious and beautiful!

Kelsey, Texas

The butterfly release was a big hit with the kids at the School, pictures will follow. Thank you for great product.

Wayne, Universal Studios, Orlando


Diaz Family, Raleigh, North Carolina

Thank you for all your assistance with our First Butterfly Release. It was wonderful and the donor and recipients families were very touched with the symbolic gesture. All the butterflies were released without any casualties. It was a great event. Again thanks for your patience and the education on butterflies.

Sandy, Louisville, KY

Our company placed an order for butterflies to release this past Saturday at American Cancer Society's Relay for Life in Oakley, CA. I just wanted to let you know that the experience, from ordering to releasing, went very well and was very touching. It went so well, that 5 other people have asked where I got the butterflies because they'd like to do the same thing at their local relay. And OF COURSE, I have passed your company name on! Thank you very much for an incredible experience! I will definitely use your company again in the future!

Sarah, Oakland, CA

Dear Chad, I just wanted to thank you for all you and your company did to make our Girl Scouts butterfly release a wonderful success! We had between 300 and 400 people present in the native plants garden at Macon's Museum of Arts and Sciences, and randomly chose six Girl Scouts to untie the boxes. The squeals of delight and giggles were so much fun to watch. We were right next to a pond, and many of the butterflies flew on the mud flats to water, so I was thrilled that they were on their way to live their lives.

This was very special for all of us who enjoyed it. I have added a link below to, which is the website for the Macon Telegraph. We received front page coverage, and also the story online.

Joan, Macon, GA

My Daughter had her wedding on April 20th. The butterflies arrived the day before and we followed all the instructions. All the butterflies fluttered up to the heavens to my parents . They were beautiful and held a very special meaning to us. My Parents passed away very suddenly within 8 months of each other, right before the wedding, so these butterflies were of huge significance. THANK YOU

Sarah, Jacksonville, FL

Hi Chad, The release was a success!! Thanks so much. I had a lot of questions about it so I gave everyone the website'. maybe more orders from St Louis will come your way. Again, thanks ' your service and product was outstanding.

Joe, St. Louis, Missouri

Chad, I just wanted to let you know we got the butterflies yesterday morning and had the release today. It was at our local town library where we also planted 100 flowers to commemorate the 100 years of Girl Scouts. I wanted to thank you immediately. What an amazing experience. It is definitely something our Girl Scouts will remember for years to come. I wasn't sure what to expect and was a little worried about casualties and corpses but all of the butterflies were fine, and because of all the new flowers we planted, had access to some food right away. Thanks again for all of your help in making our day all the more beautiful!

Darla, Troop 80593, Tewksbury, NJ

Thank-you very much for your help. The butterflies were beautiful.

Maryilin , Production Planner, Millersville MD

OMG was it beautiful. We could hear them fluttering in the envelopes. Everyone looked so nervous to find out what they were holding. On the count of three everyone unfolded their envelopes and the Awes and Oohs began. One landed on the grooms arm and the bride's bouquet. Thank you for providing an awesome memorable moment for my daughter's wedding.

Joyce, Freeport, Pennsylvania

Just a quick note to thank you for your excellent customer service. Our butterflies arrived on time as promised. We followed your instructions to the letter and when our granddaughter and her husband released them during their wedding ceremony yesterday evening it was an inspiring part of this very special event. One butterfly landed on the groom and stayed until the ceremony was complete. Thank you for offering this delightful service for special events.

Eva, Lufkin, Texas

Good morning... Just a little note to say a HUGH THANK YOU! Our Relay for Life was that much more special because of you. Every Butterfly was perfect, it appeared to me they were well trained just for our event. when we opened the envelopes they sat there for a few seconds ,fluttered their wings like they were saying hello and then flew.Most flew to our shoulders or just came back to our hands and stayed with us for awhile.many stayed around all day in the flowers we had set out for them and some came back to our tents and just visited.This will be added every year to our RELAY as the the emotion and response was overwhelming !!!! Again Thank You and I will be talking to you next may to order !!

Lucia, Relay for Life

I wanted to take just a minute to thank you, it is a truly a wonderful service you provide. My father died very quickly and unexpectedly in early March. His death has been difficult for family and friends, especially those who don't live near by. He would have celebrated his 72nd birthday on June 22nd. With fathers day just the week before we chose Sunday June 24th as the day to celebrate the man that so many people loved. The day could not have been more perfect. It was about 67 degrees, the sun was high there was no wind, and the ocean was calm. As my fathers ashes were spread across the oceans water the small packages were opened and the painted ladies came to life. Some lingered and some took flight more quickly. It was one of the most beautiful experiences I've been a part of. The tears brought by sadness became those of love. We shared smiles as we celebrated the joy he had brought to each of us during our lives. I didn't realize what a comforting touch the butterflies would bring.

Rita, California

The butterflies were beautiful.... thank you so much for your support... So many of our guests were taken back by the release....

Roberta, Boca Raton, FL

Our event on Saturday was a huge success! Thank you so much for your caring and dedication. 100% of the 500 butterflies arrived safely and survived perfectly until their release Saturday morning. We had a huge crowd that filled the street after the parade. The release concluded the parade. Folks loved their butterflies and it was fun to watch young and old and folks for all walks of life enjoy their butterfly! We got great press too!

We will be doing this again next year, the Saturday following the 4th of July, so mark your calendar! Not certain how many butterflies to pre-order, but I am thinking 750.

Kudos to you and your dedicated staff for raising hardy and beautiful butterflies!

Leigh, St. Paul, NE

Dad was pretty-well heartbroken at the memorial service for his dear wife of 66 years, but he was very touched by the butterfly release. When his butterfly stayed with him for about 15 seconds, he remarked "It knew that I needed it to stay around a bit more." The release put smiles on faces and was a very memorable event for our family and friends. We were anxious about whether the little things would be alive when we wanted them, but no worry--they were all fine. Thanks for your reassurances.

Irene, Keene, Texas

The weather was not the best but the butterflies where beautiful! The monarchs hung around for a long time, happily grazing on the numerous flowers of the Italian Garden at Maymont Park! This one was on the penta that I bought to give my sister! My Mom would have loved to see them all!

Jody, Richmond, Virginia


Deanna, Comfort Care, Wetumpka, AL

We had the Release of Butterflies yesterday as a memorial to our 35 year old son we lost suddenly from a brain aneursym. We had the dedication of his monument followed by the release of butterflies. It was so touching and overwhelming. Everyone was speechless! Two of the 12 butterflies stayed and rested on the live bouquet of flowers that we had laid on top of his tombstone. We could feel him with us. My son was a biology and genetic graduate and very much into nature, flowers and conserving hte environment. This was just a perfect way to honor his memory. Thankh you so very much for helping make this perfect for us. The butterflies arrived as stated and they all came awake and flew out of the their cellophane packages as you said they would.


We ordered butterflies on tues for release at my friend's 16 yr old daughter's 17th birthday which was sadly also her memorial. She pased away 7/5. I wanted to thank you for the quick shipping. The butterflies were all healthy and raring to fly off!! It was such a beautiful sight! Her parents were very touched by the butterflies as was everyone there. Thank you so much for getting the butterflies out so quickly and helping make the occasion that much more special.


I just wanted to say Thank You for your wonderful customer service. The butterflies were very active in about 20 minutes of removing them from the cooler box. Our granddaughter Eloise is 2 years old and she opened the box. To her squeals of delight over half of the butterflies came out and fluttered around. She and her little friend Elloitt then reached in and tried to catch the rest. It was so beautiful to watch the delight in their eyes as they floated around them.. All the butterflies were alive, and the next morning many were still hanging around the garden and park. Again thank you for helping us dedicate the park and play structure in honor of our grandson. We felt his presence with us.

Cindy, Dewitt, Michigan

I just wanted to thank you for the beautiful monarch butterflies that we ordered last week for a memorial. They were gorgeous. They hovered around Olivia's grave, flowers and all of our family and posed for pictures - and when they finally took flight for the 'release' they were just breathtaking. We will definitely spread the word on your wonderful company and customer service and I plan on being a future customer.

Jessica, New Jersey

Thank you for everything!! The butterflies were beautiful. You will have my business for now on and I will be recommending you guys to other people.

Thomas, Columbia, SC

We released butterflies purchased from you on our wedding day - December 29, 2012. The butterflies were released as part of our wedding ceremony in memory of my parents and my husband's dad. We had a song played by Miley Cyrus - "butterflies fly away". It was absolutely beautiful with the dolphins swimming in the river as a backdrop. while the song played they were released and our brothers and sisters were called up to release with us. My mother in law was then given a dozen white roses. There was not a dry eye in the entire group. They came on time and we followed the simple directions to keep them alive. Thank you a million times for the beautiful monarch butterflies.

Shelley and Michael, Rockledge, Florida

The addition of butterflies to a friend's memorial service was a last-minute decision, but it couldn't have gone more smoothly. The person who answered my phone call (48 hours before the event) was helpful and showed me how to take advantage of specials that were going on in order to make my purchase as cost-effective and meaningful as possible. I was the one to order and care for the butterflies until release, and it was very simple and hassle-free. The butterflies added a very special element to the memorial service and the family was deeply appreciative of them. Thank you again for making this purchase and experience something that was not only easy, but that added a cherished memory of their loved one.

Victoria, Virginia

Thanks so much for all your help with our butterfly release!!! It was beautiful and all of our survivors loved it!!!! We did a good job keeping them all alive and each butterfly was released as we spoke the name of the person it was in honor/rememberance of!!! Thanks again for all your help!!! :)

Beth, South Carolina

We released butterflies after my dads celebration of life service. The butterflies were beautiful and healthy. This was a beautiful way to create a memory in honor of dad.

Wendy, California

Hey Chad, just wanted to say thank you so much... The experience was awesome. My daughter loved it...

Cherilyn, Clearwater, Florida

Just wanted to thank you for helping to make the memorial service for my Brother, such a huge success! As promised, the butterflies were delivered on time and when released they were all alive and well. Please accept my sincerest thank you.

Peg, Boonton, New Jersey

Just a quick note to say a big thank you for sending such wonderful butterflies! They arrived on time on Saturday and were released on Sunday in beautiful weather, in an open field surrounds by tall trees, amongst children from ages 8 to 15. All survived and flew quickly out of their little envelope and parents/guardians and counselors were all smiling watching the kids run around in glee as theirs fluttered around the field. Thanks for printing Camp Me Too on the envelope as well.

I was so happy that it went well since I babysat the box from arrival til opening! Your instructions were very complete and easy to follow.

Janet, New York

I just wanted to let you know that I released my butterflies this past Saturday and it was perfect. It was a memorial for my mom and the butterflies were beatiful I know she would have loved it. Thank you so much!!

Heather, Munford, Tennessee

I wanted to let you know that my first experience with your company and the release of the butterflies was a success. I was concerned with a successful release since the weather was not on our side release date June 15th. It was a cloudy day with a 60% chance of rain forecast. We released all alive and well 12- Painted- Lady Butterflies @ my son's grave site right before it started to rain. Interesting one lone butterfly returned to the grave site and landed on the artificial flowers and rested there for a short time just long enough for us to capture a picture of it's beauty.

I have attached a copy of the picture for you to see. This was our family's first experience with the butterfly release and I would do this again. Thanks again for a successful release celebrating my son's first birthday in heaven.

Lisa, Crestwood, Illinois

On July 13th 2013 my niece had a new way to celebrate her brothers anniv. He would have been 30 this yr so she decided to do a send off differently . She purchased 60 butterflies from your company. It was the most awesome send off I've ever viewed ! Everyone from one to nintety one could not have experienced anything so exciting and touched everyone's heart. It was amazing. thankyou for your magnificent idea! Chad The butterflies we ordered for our mom's graveside service were beautiful. The release went perfectly! The butterflies lingered on the flowers placed beside the grave and even landed upon family members long enough to even get some photos. We added the reading of the memorial poem that was included with the butterflies to our final farewell. Thank you for helping us make our Mom's burial a moment that she would have been pleased with, and one that we can remember with a smile.


Thanks for your excellent service and attention to detail. The memorial service was a beautiful experience because of the butterflies which you sent and we released in our friend's memory and honor. Everything arrived perfectly and on time, and your instructions made for perfect results.

Paul, Boston, MA

Hi Chad, Wanted to share with you that the butterfly release during our celebration of life was fabulous today! All of the 110 butterflies were alive and took our breaths away when they flew!

Tonya, Indiana

Hello Chad - I just want to thank you for the beautiful butterfly release my daughter had at her wedding on April 19, 2014. The butterflies released perfectly from the accordion style box and took flight out into the green yard. 2 Monarch's came back into the wedding guest watching the release and landed in one of the bridesmaids bouquet of flowers (which made for a beautiful picture) and another 2 remained in the accordion box in which my son in law and my daughter each took out and placed them on their fingers before they too flew off (for another beautiful picture)! The wedding guests were amazed and so was the bride and groom!! Absolutely gorgeous release as promised. Thank you again Chad.

Jeannie Mother of the bride

Hi Chad! I just wanted to thank you again for the great customer care you provided, and leave a review for others to read. I had wanted to order some butterflies for my mother's memorial service, but the weather predicted an 80% chance of rain for over a week and a half before the event. However, the morning before the service I checked the weather and there was almost no chance of rain for the next day. I sent an email to the Butterfly Release Company thinking there was no way to get a shipment of butterflies, but to my surprise Chad replied that as long as I ordered quickly I could get them before noon the next day (1 order of 36 painted lady butterflies). Without any issues I received them by 10am before the memorial that took place that afternoon. All of our guests had huge smiles and loved the experience with the release. The butterflies stayed on most peoples hands or shirts before flying off. It was a loving tribute that I am so happy to have been able to provide for my mom. Thanks so much for your help. Best regards to you, Deanne Austin, TX

Best regards to you, Deanne Austin, TX

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