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Your butterflies will ship FedEx Priority Overnight to arrive the day before to your release date. In most cities delivers arrive before 10:30 AM Tuesday - Friday or NOON for Saturday deliveries. Tuesday release dates can only ship Monday to arrive Tuesday. Your tracking number with your commitment time will be emailed when your butterflies ship. Please be present for your delivery.

When your butterflies arrive, it is important to change out the ice pack. To keep your butterflies safe and dormant until your release simply remove the top Styrofoam lid and take our ice pack that may be melted out and replace it with an ice pack, we ask you to provide. (We send a gel pack that is about 5 x 6 x 1 inch, anything similar is fine). Continue to use the shipping box as a cooler to keep a controlled temperature. The idea is to keep the butterflies naturally dormant until it is time for them to fly!


Store the Styrofoam insulated shipping box in a room temperature environment after replacing your ice pack. Refreeze our ice pack and change it out about every 12 hours. To Warm and Wake your butterflies the day of the release remove the product they are in from the makeshift cooler, away from the ice so they have a chance to warm, wake and get ready for flight. Take them out for about a 1/2 HOUR to AN HOUR before you plan on releasing them. For a successful release the butterflies need to be released during daylight hours and outdoors in temperatures above 65 degrees. They will not fly at night, in the rain, extreme wind or cold temperatures. You can find more detailed instruction on our website and they will also arrive with your order.

BUTTERFLY GUARANTEE: We cannot guarantee a successful release if you release the butterflies in inclement weather, after sunset or if your release day temperature is below 65 degrees. Due to any unforeseen circumstances, should your butterflies arrive expired, please contact us within 48 hours and return them for credit. We do ship extra butterflies to compensate for any uncommon or potential casualties. It is very rare to have expired butterflies as long as you follow the simple care instructions. Please visit our website QUESTIONS page for more information or call if we can be a service to you.

Thank you very much for your butterfly order, enjoy your release.

A Butterfly Release Company 407.754.2353

Butterfly Transfer Instructions

It's important to transfer the butterflies when they are still cold and dormant. Using a designer display cage, or release box: The butterflies will be shipped in individual envelopes and will need to be placed in the cage. Open each envelope inside the cage, using care not to allow the butterflies to escape. Place the envelope in the cage either through the top or through the opening in the side.
The butterflies you receive from Butterfly Release Company have been well feed before shipping and do not need to be feed under our normal shipping procedures. Cages or nets can be hydrated by using a spray bottle and occasionally spraying them. If they do need to be feed for any reason, simply use a shallow plate and place a paper towel that is saturated with Gatorade and that will be a great food force for them. Remove the food source prior to the release so the butterflies will want to fly from the container.

Complete Instructions Come With Your Order - How It Works

Butterfly Release Guarantee and Refund Policy

Our Guarantee policy is that you will receive live vibrant farm raised butterflies that can be found indigenous in your area and will be shipped with USDA permits to show compliance of your butterfly release meeting the states requirements. We do send extra butterflies above the quantity ordered just in case the rare circumstance of any butterflies that do expire.

We cannot guarantee a successful release if you release the butterflies in inclement weather, or if your release day temperature is below 70 degrees. We recommend that you do not release them in the rain. An alternate plan is to display the butterflies as a centerpiece. Simply cover a basket with tulle, tie it with a ribbon and use it as a display cage. The butterflies can live out their lives in the basket, or you can release them on a nicer day.

The release must he made during daylight hours and must be outdoors. Due to unforeseen circumstances, should your butterflies arrive deceased, please call us within 24 hours and return them for credit. We ship extra butterflies to compensate for the rare occasion of casualties. Expired butterflies need to be sent back for testing in our labs. Any refunds will be made when the butterflies are returned. This is an extremely rare circumstance of butterflies expiring. That is why it is important for us to test to understand the cause of expiration.

Although Butterfly Release Company's guarantee is void after the day of receipt, we wish to be of help if you run into any problems during your butterfly experience. Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions or concerns. We will gladly help troubleshoot to determine the cause of any issues. Photographs and descriptions of your release environment and butterflies will be very useful in these rare situations.

Delivery and Shipping Policy

Regardless if you order your butterflies a year in advance or if you order your butterflies the week of the release, our delivery and shipping policy is that we ship your live butterflies with FedEx priority overnight to arrive the day before your release date. Exceptions are for a Tuesday release, we have to ship Monday to arrive Tuesday and for a Monday release we can ship Saturday to arrive Sunday. Butterfly display products are made to order and shipped FedEx ground requiring at least four weeks for delivery. Additional shipping charges may be needed for some packages and any and all additional charges require a customers permission before added. We do use FedEx Priority Overnight for all shipping packages and FedEx tracking numbers will be emailed along with delivery commitment times priory to shipping. If your FedEx tracking number is not received, please contact us for your FedEx tracking number. We do ask that you track your package and contact FedEx if your package is late. You can call FedEx at 1800-GoFedEx (1-800-463-3339) or call us at 407-754-2353.

A Butterfly Release Company, Inc.

Butterfly releases are a beautiful and easy addition to your event. Wedding butterflies are very unique. We offer several wedding butterfly packages. Each Butterfly comes in an origami folded envelope with your names and date of your event (if so desired). At the appointed time of release, which can be after the legendary 'Indian Wish' of good will and prosperity, or while the bride and groom are leaving the ceremony (a beautiful replacement or addition to traditional bubbles). Or as the birthday guest is blowing out there candles. Simply unfold and open the envelopes completely and you and your guests will fill the sky with a wonderful spectacle of butterflies. Releases are available in individual releases and mass releases both. We also specialize in large quantities of live butterflies for your fundraiser or special event. We can produce and guarantee large orders of hundreds or thousands of butterflies. To do this we need 30 -45 days of advance notice to raise your butterflies for your event and obtain the proper USDA legal permits for a release. We have a great working relationship with the USDA and will make sure all rules and regulations are met.

Live Butterfly Releases

Our butterfly release packages are for your convenience but we more than understand everyone's needs are different. Please don't feel obligated or restricted to what we offer. We can customize packages for you with whatever amounts you would like. If you would like a larger release than we offer we can accommodate you and will get all the necessary USDA permits needed for your release free of charge. We do specialize in large releases and guarantee delivery.

We also make our own products calling it 'in sourcing'. This way we can make your decorator box custom for you with any flower or color you would like. We want to match the theme and color of your event. This is true for our other products like the Large Release Cage and Princess Cage as well. We can make your butterfly products with any ribbon color or flower you would like. We also make sure that any product we use or offer is American made. We do not purchase product of any kind in that isn't manufacture by American employee's so that we can help our economy in whatever contribution possible. We want to accommodate you however we can, this is your day and we want to provide for you what you 'want'. So please don't be shy about asking for something different or something we don't particular offer on our site. We're up to any challenge or request.

Events for a Butterfly Release

Weddings of course but we also provide funeral butterflies for Memorials. Also Birth and Birthdays, Quinceaneras, Engagements, Anniversaries, Holidays (Easter), Celebrations, Graduations, Grand Opening, Charity Events, and anything else you can think of. Our kits (below) are great for home school or classroom projects. We will help you with ideas of marketing fundraisers and utilizing live butterflies to raise money and bring attention to your cause. We do several Relay for Life events every year helping raise substantial amounts of money and giving survivors a chance to celebrate and others the chance to remember a loved one. Hospice is also another organization that we've been able to help loved ones grieve, but also raise money for their organization.

Themed Package

We specialize in Wedding, but also offer Birthday and Holiday themes, like t Easter. Need ideas? Or have a question or idea for something that doesn't seem possible? We encourage you to think out side the box or put us up to a challenge. Contact us with question (407) 754-2353 or complete our contact form online. We pride ourselves with the challenge and opportunity to give your party a new and different twist that your guest will love.

Different idea for fundraisers, grand openings, public relations, or a gift.

This is a great idea for a gift for a child and adults alike for birthdays or any special occasion or celebration. Excellent for promotions and gifts for clients.

Privacy Policy

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