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Safety Above All During COVID-19 is our priority.

COVID-19 and Butterfly Release Company's precautions We at Butterfly Release Company are grateful to be a service to our customers for over 14 years and want to assure you that we take the COVID-19 very serious with every precaution available to us. We are closely monitoring the COVID-19 outbreak according to the guidelines and recommendations of the CDC (Centers For Disease Control and Prevention). To raise butterflies successfully for as long as we have has been based on education, hard work, experience and most of all sterilization and cleanliness. Disease is spread in butterfly cultures very easily without diligent cleanliness and sterilization. That is a big reason we do not allow tours or buy in butterflies from other sources to resell. We raise all of our butterflies here on our farm in an environment free from disease becasue of our sterilization procedures we have implemented. Because of this, we have the utmost confidence we send healthy disease free butterflies to our customers. We are experiencing cancellations and refunds for customers that are doing their best and what is necessary to protect themselves and others around them. If you have an order with us and need to postpone or cancel, we are not penalizing our customer or refusing refunds. We are a full time butterfly farm and this is what our family does for a living, however we are a very stable business that is prepared for hurricanes and disasters like we're experiencing and we will continue to be a strong and stable business after this and into the future. So if you have an order pending, please rest assured that we will be able to fulfill it. If you want to order for a future event, we will be able to fulfill it. We do believe as a country and as a human race, that we will get past this. We do appreciate your business very much and will continue to strive for a bright future.

Article Posted: 04/23/2020 04:42:36 PM

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